Responsive Website Design in Minehead Somerset

Responsive Website Design

Looking at starting a website for your small business by a professional web designer?

GMG Creative has a team of experienced web designers, developers, marketers, and consultants to offer professional web page design in West Somerset and beyond, for small to medium size businesses or individuals.

Responsive Web Design is the term given to websites that change appropriately for mobile, tablet and other devices as well as computers. We plan and design your website to work on a variety of screen sizes using the latest technology, in affordable web design.

Based in Minehead, West Somerset we are central to the surrounding areas of Taunton, Bridgwater, Watchet and of course, working all over the country and world thanks to the power of the internet. We even have a small base in Bristol.

We love to see small businesses thrive. Of course we can offer web design and consultancy services to bigger businesses, too.

Our web site designs and content marketing strategies deliver a clear return-on-investment for our clients, and eye-catching design reinforces online branding, too.

Content Management

If you want to be able to edit text, images and other aspects of your website without code, you will need to have what is called a Content Management System. This will provide you with a full editing area to be able to add or remove content and pages just by logging in. A bit like opening a document on your computer and editing it on Word, only a little simpler.

We use a CMS that is appropriate to your needs, primarily MODX or the famous WordPress. We will discuss your needs with you and explain what would be best.

In either case, we always provide you with a tutorial and in some cases video tutorials you can refer back to, as well as being on hand should you need help with anything from a professional web designer in Minehead.

Web Hosting and Domains

New to the whole website building thing? In order to have a website you need what is called a Host - this is basically a home for your website with a utility room for functions such as email addresses. It is essentially a piece of memory for you online, so your website can be viewed anywhere and not just on your computer.

You will also need a Domain Name - this is basically an address that you type in to get to your website. is a domain name example. An address for a website is also often called a URL.

There are a lot of 'cheap' or 'free' solutions for web site hosting or domains, but this can often not be professional and be restrictive for what you need, and in the end become costly.

If you do not have Web Hosting or a Domain Name, we work with local web host Somerset Web Hosting or are happy to give web hosting advice from our experiences across web site design and development.

Search Engine Optimization

We not only build and design great looking websites, but we make sure they are found by search engines, or Search Engine Optimized with on-site Search Engine Optimization. All websites are made with on-site needs for search engines - page browser titles, descriptions and we advise on how to best structure your content.

Content - the words, images and files you may add to your website need to be written in a way that is fit for your audience, and contains key phrases that your audience may search for. We understand this may not be easy, so we also provide Content Marketing services, writing the content for you after a process of research and analysis.

Link building, which is described as an off-site activity, is also important. This is where you get other websites to link to you. We can advise on this and all the above, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

GMG Creative has been selected among the Top Web Design Companies in the United Kingdom by Designrush

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